The Greenbelt Boys and Girls club cheerleading program is divided into two programs for ages 3-18. Our commissioner is a former National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Football League (NFL) cheerleader.  We offer a competitive team and a sideline team.  The competitive team has been national and local champions.  This team is only activated when the commissioner has identified the appropriate level of girls that are able to meet the financial obligations of traveling and competing.  Sideline team will cheer for all football and basketball games.  They practice once or twice a week. The Greenbelt BGC Cheer program promotes the sport and discipline of cheerleading by teaching the cheerleaders the basic fundamentals of cheerleading during practice, performances, and competition.  Our focus will be on teaching proper cheerleading techniques, reinforcing the concepts of teamwork and discipline, positive attitude and most importantly having fun.

 The competition team must cheer for one sport of their choice (football or basketball), practice three times a week with potential additional practices, maintain a 3.0 grade point average, and participate in all fundraising activities.  Given practice safety needs, all practices will be determined before the season and may or may not be in Greenbelt. Sideline Cheerleading occurs from August to March (Football and basketball season) and Competitive Cheerleading occurs from August - June (1-2 Competitions/Month beginning in October).

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Please be sure to register your child early as teams will be capped.  To register your child or for more information, please feel free to contact the Commissioner at

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** Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Youth Identification Cards are required for all players **

Early registration is strongly recommended to ensure teams in all sports. Please see our registration page for more information.