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TheGreenbelt Gators’ (formerly Greenbelt Raiders) is a Prince George’s County Boys Girls Club (PGCBGC) 501(c)(3) organization.  We have maintained a strong consistent program that offers various sports.  Our members are encouraged to try multiple sports at a lower cost but can opt to participate in one.  Members can be beginners and we do have some teams that are highly competitive.  We are proud of our Champions in our multiple sports.  We are much prouder of our commitment to the youths and their families.  If we never won a championship in any sport, but mentored and helped increase the health and confidence of our youth, we would claim victory every year.  So, as President, I am pleased to say that we can claim victory.  It is also nice that our youths have experienced yearly championships on a national and local level.  We welcome new members and families.  We welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to our club by coaching, donations, viewership (with cheering), etc.  So come out and witness the Greenbelt pride.

Orin Howard




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The Greenbelt Boys and Girls Club basketball program provides recreational/competitive basketball opportunities to youth ages 6 to 18. The program develops basic basketball skills that are used in games such as dribbling, shooting, learning the rules, defensive principles, sportsmanship, etc.

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The Greenbelt Boys and Girls club cheerleading program is divided into two programs for ages 3-18. Our commissioner is a former Catholic University and Washington Commander cheerleader.  We offer a competitive team and a sideline team.  The competitive team has been national and local champions.

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Greenbelt football program hosts youth ages 5 to 14 years of age. During the Spring we offer flag football based on the child's age as of January 1st. During the Fall, we offer tackle football based on the child's age as of July 31st. Parents must provide their child(ren) with the appropriate football equipment including football cleats (metal spikes not permitted), black 7-piece pad set (tackle only), and a mouthpiece.

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Kickball runs from June thru August.  This is one of the newest sports that we offer to our participants. The age range for this sport is ages 5 to 14 years old.  Each team requires 8-10 players and a rubber ball. Parents are required to provide cleats and mouthpieces for your child.

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The Greenbelt Boys & Girls Club Soccer program provides recreational soccer opportunities to boys and girls ages 6 to 14. The program focuses on developing the foundation skills of soccer (dribbling, ball control, turning, shooting, passing, and heading) and on learning the rules of the game, while promoting fun, ...

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Track and Field

Greenbelt Boys and Girls Club is a Track & Field program aimed at educating youth and parents about the positive results that come from a youth involved in a sport that encompasses all other athletic sports. Track and field is the fundamental key to all sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.