Our Story

The Greenbelt Boys and Girls club is one of the oldest clubs in the state of Maryland.  Greenbelt serves the entire community which includes: Old Greenbelt, East Greenbelt, Franklin Square, and other historic and prominent communities.  The city of Greenbelt is an active partner with the club and ensures that this club offers some of the lowest prices to our membership in the county.  In addition, we partner with local businesses within the city and continue to partner with the local government to support an active and thriving community.  We are proud to have produced wonderful volunteer supports and great youths.  We have produced a city council member, NFL players, NBA players, High school champions, and collegiate athletes.  Some of our coaches have coached local high schools, members of the Washington Commanders cheerleading, Historically Black College Hall of Famers, and several other accomplishments.  Our greatest accomplishment for our club is our commitment to each other and families.  Greenbelt is a family.  We welcome and value those who wish to be a part of this expansive family.

Our Mission

The Greenbelt Boys & Girls Club mission is to provide a properly supervised athletic program that will:

  • contribute to the positive character building of our youth,
  • develop the fundamentals of good sportsmanship,
  • foster interests among the citizens of our community in their responsibility to our youth, and
  • help provide the guidance for our youth to become better well-respected members of tomorrow. 


We look to instill guidance, discipline and leadership skills for now and in the future, and to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Our Sponsors


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Orin Howard

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Chelsea Young

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Michelle Harris

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Tatjana Rodriquez

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Louis Saint-Felix

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Darius Thomas

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James Jones

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Anitra Byers

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Tonya Thomas

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David Rodriquez