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Registration for the 2018 season opens on February 23, 2018


Greenbelt Boys & Girls Club offers a membership pricing structure.  By paying the yearly membership fee, it will allow your child to play multiple sports between March 1, 2018 thru February 28, 2019 at no additional costs.  Spring Flag Football is excluded from the membership fee.

Parents have the option to pay in full or make installments using the online registration system.  Payments must be made in full by the specified date of the particular sport.  Payment extensions will not be allowed... no exception.


Yearly Membership Fee: $180 per player.
Sibling discount: 2nd child pays $110, 3rd child pays $100, 4th child and above pay $90 each.
Coach's discount only applies to first child for the calendar year.  Subsequent children receive sibling discounts.  The discounts will no longer be automatically assigned in the system. If you have multiple children: please do register and clicked 'Done', do not 'checkout'.  Send the name of the children to be pulled up.  The registrar will adjust the account after being contacted at Registrar@greenbeltbgc.org.
VERY IMPORTANT: Registrar will finalize the balance to reflect appropriate charges or discounts stated above regardless of payment status.
Everyone is required to register online. When registering, the Annual Membership is the default.  A parent MUST register individually for each chosen sport of interest, otherwise, the child is not yet registered for a sport.  It is preferable to register for all interested sports during the initial process instead of attempting to register again at a later date.  When the registration is successfull, an email is sent from Sports Illustrated Play within a couple of minutes to the email address on file.  Please save the email for future validation.
Parents will be contacted about practices when the teams are finalized. No requests for more information are necessary. In some cases, if there are not enough players to field a team, we may move the players to an older age bracket or dissolve and cancel the actual age group entirely.
All players MUST use a Maryland Motor Vehicle ID card to participate for the Greenbelt Boys and Girls Club activities. Yellow sport cards will no longer be used. It takes about seven days to receive the MVA ID card after an application is fully completed with the Motor Vehicle Administration at their location.
All payments must be made online via a debit or credit card.  It is required at least a payment of $40 before a player can report to practice.  All balances must be finalized before the first game of the participating sport.
Individuals who wish to make installments must select that option during the registration process.  The payments will be automatically deducted on the assigned date from the credit/debit card on file.  All balances must zero out before any participation of a season game.  Installment amounts cannot be overriden nor changed to anyone's choice. 
Greenbelt Boys and Girls Club offers an assistance program as a scholarship to parents in need. The minimum scholarship amount is $105 per player and can be modified based on the need as agreed by the board members.  The parent is responsible for the balance of the payment.
The requirements are: A request letter that states the need for the scholarship, an attached copy of the free or reduced school meal letter, and the recipient must reside in Greenbelt.  No scholarships will be awarded in consecutive years to any recipient.
All the information must be submitted to Registrar@greenbeltbgc.org.
If you wish to cancel after any registration, there is a non refundable $40 administrative fee per registrant that is charged to GBGC .  The fee is incurred once a transaction is made.   No refunds will be issued after the start of practice.
Lost/Unreturned  Equipments or Uniforms:
Players who did not return their uniforms or sport equipments from a previous session are automatically suspended from further participation in the club activities.  If those items are lost, there will be a fee associated with the account. Please contact the Registrar at registrar@greenbeltbgc.org or the Coordinator at gbgccoordinator@greenbeltbgc.org for more information.

Players who are not 'registered and paid' CANNOT participate in any practices due to liability coverage restrictions from Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club.


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